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Security and Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are your first line of defense for preventing break-ins, theft, property crimes, vandalism and other unwanted behavior. Our product line offers you a complete selection of indoor and outdoor IP, HD-SDI and analog video security systems, available in varied number of camera options to meet your surveillance needs.

Our CCTV systems are equipped with the latest features and capabilities, including high-resolution, weatherproof cameras, remote viewing via the Internet or smart phone app, motion detection recording.

System Benefits -

Theft - All businesses have problems with theft from grocery stores to banks. By installing surveillance cameras, not only can you decrease theft from outsiders, but you can curb internal theft.

Employee Safety/Productivity - Wonder what your employees are doing all day? With surveillance cameras you can help spot safety issues that may involve your employees, track productivity and work on improving the efficiency of your business.

Vandalism- This is becoming a growing problem for every segment of the population.

Accidents/Liability- It is becoming increasingly important to monitor the activities of customers while they are on your property. This could help you avoid costly lawsuits.

Record of Daily Occurrences- Monitor what goes on in and around your business every day. The other reason companies get a surveillance system for their business is to have PEACE OF MIND.

Internet Viewable - Surveillance systems today allow the business owner to view their business operations from another location.

Multiple Locations - Some business owners have more than one location and can only be present at one location at a time. With security cameras, owners can monitor locations simultaneously.