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MCAA provides flexible payroll services that improve payroll management for employers from small to large. Our MCCA ADP payroll solutions streamline your payroll process, improve productivity, and simplify administration.

MCCA payroll solution helps you manage the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing. Manage all of the employee/employer payroll tax fillings with federal, state and local agencies. Employees select direct deposit to their checking and/or savings accounts, printed checks or if they do not have an account, they may also select to use the Visa payroll card.

Payroll Processing Choices to Fit Your Unique Business -

We know that no one solution is right for everyone. This is why we provide you with a range of payroll input options. We offer a comprehensive set of payroll-related services. You can choose to purchase payroll services a-la-carte (individually?), or according to the needs of your business or you can also take advantage of the synergies of working with a single-source provider for all of your Human Resources, payroll, and employee benefit needs.

You even have the flexibility of managing payroll on the go with the new ADP Mobile Payroll Application

You have the option to call in your payroll to a payroll specialists, enter the data online with an Internet-based solution, or use a standalone personal computer, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure.