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About Us

Our Strength -

We offer something very rare in the merchant processing arena - we maintain complete internal control of the critical processes that impact the life of every merchant. Some of these key areas include:

Seeing that we have no holding company or affiliates to interfere with these processes, our customers' needs are served with extraordinary speed along with the highest standards of service.

Our Technologies -

In addition, all our technology is organically grown. Because we are the developers, we are not reliant on third party companies or IT solution vendors to maintain our products or networks. This gives us a streamlined agility that allows us to pursue new emerging markets quickly and respond proactively making adjustments to our current products and systems as technology changes or if we feel that it would be of benefit to our merchants. Although this strategy is a departure from the industry norms, this single-source approach has been the key to our steady growth as one of the most successful payment service provider in Central Texas.

Our Team -

Our senior management team has decades of combined experience in merchant payment processing services. Many of them, having worked with a multitude of financial institutions and as well as numerous technology and processing providers, have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of current payment technology as we see it today. From the introduction of electronic capture systems, all the way into the present world of wireless, portable, and web-enabled terminals, our senior managers have brought a wealth of experience to the table that has served as the foundation for present day growth and success.

Our Merchants -

We are focused on providing the highest quality of Merchant payment processing services while using the latest advances in payment technology. Although we serve many national and enterprise scale merchants, the core of our business consists of the small and mid-market segment of merchants nationwide. From day one it was clear that this sector of merchants were undeserved - particularly from a technology and a customer service perspective - and subsequently, it was in these markets where we believed we could serve the greatest need.

Giving Small Business The Edge

Since then, we have worked hard alongside our strategic partners, to create and extend high technology payment solutions, long reserved for large-scale businesses, to that marketplace in a cost-effective way. The result has enabled these small and mid-sized businesses to compete successfully in their marketplace, allowing them to go "toe-to-toe" with the largest nationwide retailers in regard to technology, services, and bottom line processing costs.